New bar spy - Baccalà

This New Bermondsey Spot Will Have An Upmarket Off License And Raw Seafood Restaurant

Published . By Isobel Watkins.



Mid November

Bermondsey Street is set to gain a new luxe seafood restaurant, with a focus on impeccable wine pairings and an exclusively Italian selection of sips. 

The brainchild of two long-time friends - ex-Four Seasons chef Moreno Polverini and former Oblix sommelier, Fabio De Nicola - Baccalà's regularly changing menu will depend on what's fresh and in season, with a chef’s counter and raw bar, perfect for peeking at the daily-sourced produce. The seafood will be matched with a selection of extra virgin olive oils from Italian artisan producers, with the unique character of each oil working to enhance the fish's natural flavours.

In terms of wine, expect a carefully curated selection of classic sips from all twenty regions of Italy, many of which will be available by the glass (using a Coravin technology). Handily, this place will also hold an off-licence, so you’ll be able to purchase bottles to take home (with no doubt a far superior selection than your local offie).

Opening Tuesday to Sunday, with a weekend brunch menu, the space is set to be a light and airy affair - with a glass floor to separate diners from the hustle and bustle of the basement kitchen. For those who would rather not sea their food before they tuck in, there will be a separate space with communal tables.