Dog Eat Dog London's favourite hop hounds commandeer their first restaurant plot
29 Essex Road, London, N1 2SA
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What they say:

Like true pioneers of London's inherently proud craft scene, Brewdog refuse to put the brakes on their lean, mean, hop-toting machine. Taking to their very first restaurant plot on a date that is yet to be confirmed, Brewdog will open Dog Eat Dog in the heart of Angel to an expectant crowd with hankerings for craft brews and bold hot dogs. 

What we say:

While their mock-up image is markedly vague, it looks as though Brewdog will be retaining their industrial potency when it comes to this latest endeavour. And what a unique one at that. While Brewdog are London's most talked abot hop hounds, can they truly embark into the city's foodie realm, and with just hot dogs? While details are yet to be confirmed, we're excited to see how details and dishy treats unfurl.