The Thirsty Bear Unique Southwark Self-Service Pub
62 Stamford Street, London, SE1 9LX
Happily Affordable ££
Type of Venue

What they say:

The Thirsty Bear pub in Southwark, near to London Bridge and Waterloo, is the first self-service pub in London! It is a new and revolutionary pub concept in London. But what does it mean? Well in practice,  each table is fitted with a special iPad and several beer taps. When you enter the pub, you start a tab and are given a swipe-card to activate the iPad and taps. Your bill is collected depending on what you drink. Through the iPads you can order bottled beers, wine, cocktails and food without having to leave your seat. The Thirsty Bear wants to also welcome customers to make the pub, a pub of their own, where one can relax and enjoy a bite and a few pints.

What we say:

The Thirsty Bear, near Southwark underground station, is a real London Gem! No more waiting by the bar an hour to a get a few pints, we don't even have to get off our seats. The menu looks delicious and the cocktails even better. I cannot wait to get my fingers on that iPad screen. Why wasn't this introduced to London any earlier? Every area should have a pub like this. The Thirsty Bear is a must try.