The Candlemaker Battersea - London Pub Review

Published . By Leighanne Bent.

The Candlemaker, located on Battersea High Street, has been on my bucket list for some time. So I decided to take a trip down South to see what the hype was about.

The Venue

It was a very hot and humid August evening in Battersea. This caused me and my companion to wander into the venue's inviting beer garden to cool down after our sweltering rush hour tube journey. Quirky signs of cupcakes and the likes were hung on the brick walls and the outdoor space had a shaded area to the right for anyone looking to cool down and escape the sun’s rays.

Inside, comfy chairs and leather sofas were spaced across the floor giving the space a homely undertone while a mesh of wooden panels and brick work gave a balanced, airy feel to the venue. Seated at one of the low rise button back sofas, me and my companion couldn’t help but notice the quirky nick knacks and vintage fair surrounding us. A delicate trolley was perched beside us offering a home to books like Gulliver’s Travels while the window sill was littered with ornaments like tin Corn Flake boxes from the 60’s/70’s. Although small, these touches add to the charming character of The Candlemaker.

Food and Drink

To my disappointment, The Candlemaker save their cocktail making and shaking skills for Thursdays. This was a bit of a shock as I am a cocktail queen but I quickly made up my mind and took things back to basics with a reliable bottle of Strawberry and Pomegranate Old Mount Cider. This proved to be a great choice; after all, nothing says summer like a bottle of cider. I must admit choosing what to eat from the menu was quite difficult as one of my all-time favourite dishes, buttermilk chicken, was off the menu. After a few minutes of toe-tapping I set my mind on a relatively odd selection of dishes.

My partner in crime and I ordered their chicken wings, which was the replacement dish for my beloved buttermilk chicken, a portion of chips and cauliflower cheddar cheese with spring onions and paprika. I know, a very peculiar selection, but one forkful of the cheesy cauliflower convinced me that we made the right decision. The taste of paprika was very mild but added a kick to the dish and the chicken wings were cooked to perfection; the meat was tender, gently peeling away from the bone. All dishes ordered offered a feeling of comfort and to my delight all ingredients were sourced from small British family farms.

Ambience and Clientele

To my amusement, the night I popped down to The Candlemaker was pub quiz night. It costs £2 to get involved and in my opinion it’s well worth it! This drew a jolly crowd of chirpy men and women, mostly in their mid to late 20’s. The atmosphere was light and chilled - everything you want after a hard day of 9-5. With many pretentious venues hitting London soil it’s nice to know that a place like The Candlemaker exists to please the people of South London the good old fashioned way, with tasty food and ice cold beverages. It’s a cool haunt, with plenty of charm and extends a friendly vibe to anyone who walks through its doors.


The Candlemaker cooks and serves British comfort food with ease and has proven to be a solid retreat for evening drinking, munching and banter. If you don’t have a smile going into the place you’re guaranteed to have one leaving.