Thom Foole's House Party Islington - Event Review

Published . By Charlotte Howes.

Full of energy, lots of fun, and about as quirky as it gets. Thom Foole's House Party is certainly something different! While football fans were crowded in the pub below watching Germany and France in the Euro 2016 semi-final, those wishing to escape the madness sought refuge upstairs, in the large hire space in the Old Queen's Head, currently home to a certain band of comedians, actors and stand-ups forming Thom Foole's House Party.

The Venue

The Old Queen's Head near Angel is possibly one of my favourite Islington watering holes. All the charm of a proper London pub, a good selection of beers and ales on tap, a cute little courtyard out the back, and enough space that means you don't feel barraged in even when it's at it's liveliest. The crowd and the atmosphere is always good here, with after-work drinkers and young regulars forming the core clientele.

Upstairs at the Old Queen's Head is the perfect setting for Thom Foole and his merry band of performers.

The Show

From the audience member who was dressed up with a shark on his head and made to 'swim' round the room to the Jaws theme tune, to the music stylings of Sebastian - whose newest trick was the sound a balloon makes when the air is allowed to escape from it as slowly as possibly, to throwing our spiky rubber balls at one act as he tried to 'escape' in slow motion - this was definitely different from any other comedy show I have ever been to.

Audience participation is a key feature, so go prepared to join in! I'm sure the tequila shots and marshmallow prizes will encourage you if nothing else!

There was some interesting and crazy character work in the second half, and an image that I think may be scared into my memory forever - the shiny, lycra-clad 'tiger-man', aka "sexual predator", complete with giant gold chain and protruding naked belly, armed with a tambourine and forming half of a crazy (but actually pretty good!) rock tribute act!

Home of the bizarre. I was certainly left thinking 'how did you come up with this?' at many points throughout the night. And I did laugh, even if I didn't always know what I was laughing at!

Prepare to be both entertained and bewildered! And don't be afraid to get up on that stage...


Quirky, crazy, and utterly bizarre! If you're bored of the usual London events and comedy scene, head down to Thom Foole's little shindig, where the enthusiastic acts are sure to keep you entertained. Grab some drinks and some mates, and go have a laugh at Thom Foole's House Party!