The World Cup might not start for another few months yet, but the folks at the Brazil Pop Up Diner are keen to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. They've put together a strong squad of culinary experts who are all set to take discerning diners on a foodie journey through all twelve of the World Cup 2014's host cities. 

The Brazilian themed pop-up got under way with a taste of all things Manaus.

The pop-up series kicked off on the 9th March with Manaus (where England get their campaign underway), with a series of 3-course meals comprising of all kinds of tastes and flavours from the eleven other host cities to follow in the next couple of months. There will be tasty cocktails courtesy of Leblon Cachaça and authentic music from the region thrown in just for good measure. Taking place in Covent Garden's massively popular Bedford & Strandthis pop-up will run on sporadic Sundays right up until 8th June, so by the time the first ball is kicked four days later you'll be a gastronomical and cultural hub of information for all of the host cities. Back of the net.