Up and coming tales of Paradise Row

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

Don't be bamboozled by the neon siren call of the petrol garage outside, or chuggin' tales of 18th Century boxing babe, Daniel Mendoza, Paradise Row in eclectic ol' E2 has a new penchant, and that's keeping you hangry (dictionary certified) punters happy.

Tucked away in Bethnal Green amidst railway arches and tiny terraces, East London's newest microcosm is an edible entity unto its own. As the hospitality scene continues to thrive and independent eateries refuse to be bogged down by London's questionable rent rates, Paradise Row is a triumph for new trend areas in London, and we're here to let you in on the places making that happen. Will further archways be filled, and will the independent attitude continue? While our crystal ball is currently out of business, she pushin' for a polish, it's what we're loving now that counts:


Craft Cocktail Co.

Some of you may have messed with mixology in London before, but not the way these crafty capers can be seen tucking in. Keeping things intrinsically industrial, Craft and JJ Goodman have, well, crafted their own cocktail pursuit. From the hum of bottling machines as the in-house factory bottles kegs up cocktails out back, as you watch from the first floor mezzanine, guests can lap up draught, hand-made cocktails from the front bar. 

craft cocktail company paradise row

 Piled up on wooden pallets, guests wolf down bottled cocktails at Craft Cocktail Co.

Resident of Paradise Row

So you've crooned over Craft, how about a foray into fine Bethnal Green dining? One of the newest residents to Paradise Row, quite literally, Resident of Paradise Row has chef-owner David Yorkston on their side. Hoping to be your 'home away from home', Resident makes tucker inners feel all sorts of saved with dishes the likes of Scottish salmon ballontine and devilled South Coast sprats.

resident of paradise row

I can't confirm all of the ingredients above, but I can confirm a mouth watering frenzy of flavour.


What with Paradise Row being on a mission to make us fall in love with it, it's no wonder that one of their restaurants is fronting the very same title. A Californian-inspired cornucopia brought to Bethnal Green by Michael and Charlotte Sager-Wilde of Sager & Wilde infamy, this homage to all things wine country is a blend of bold plates and brimming bottles. It's a wine-der that you haven't been there sooner. 

mission paradise row

(Photographers Credit: Addie Chinn)

Mother Kelly's

What we love about Paradise Green the most? Other than nights spent drinking there? It's ability to merge international trends with East London expectations. New York inspired with a burst of East London's often exaggerated cool, Mother Kelly's is somewhat the mother of all these Paradise Row rompers as their 23 beer taps, bottle shop and craft cool keep them sincerely in check, and ever loved by Bethnal Green locals.

mother kelly paradise row

'Once I was a tap dancer, but I fell into the sink'