Everyone likes to think that they are amazing wingmen and can help any fellow out no matter the situation. Well now here's your chance to prove your skills by taking part in dating agency Social Concierge's "Wingman Championships". Running from 28th of February to the 17th of March, they're seeking the capital's best wingmen for a chance to win a few prizes.

Think you're a good wingman?

The rules are simple: You and a friend get set up on a free double date at one of their top 50 bars and your challenge is to produce the best photo picture of the date whether it's funny, ridiculous or outright irreverent. If you win, you'll receive a year's free subscription to Social Concierge (worth £240) and a £100 bar tab to celebrate.

Competition closes Monday March 17th and dates will be set up continuously between 7th March and 6th April. All participants must live in London and be between the age of 21 and 39. At least one photo needs to be produced per date and no, nudity is not allowed. No more than 30 duos will be set up on dates.