As tales of bed ties and titillating trinkets ring true in the precursor to the 50 Shades movie launch, and digital publications the likes of AFT refuse to adhere to bedroom stigma, there's one event in London also succumbing to the sensuality of sexuality this February. 

Coinciding with the launch of the 50 Shades of Grey movie, and stimulating more than just the five subtle senses you've been led to believe were to sentimental to your daily lifestyle, Nude Noir present the cutis anserina inducing antics of Food Noir. For the record, that's goose bumps to you and I. While heralded for their carnal cavorting and sybaritic shows, Nude Noir introduce another level to their candle-lit laden nights of proud performances and fond flesh.

nude noir valentines london

Hailed as an 'erotic mise-en-scene', Food Noir will be a lip-smacking seduction this February.

Once again transforming the Georgian whimsy of GOAT into a luxe lair of naughty nooks and beguiled boys and girls, Food Noir will play on dominance, submission and seductive flavours...... all in just the one sitting. With four courses courting your palate, this immersive banquet will see the taste-troop behind Edible Stories cultivate a menu of flavour and bodily experience alike: 

  • Sound: Bivalves, with a soupçon of seduction  
  • Smell: Bouef, brazenly blazing on a brazier 
  • Touch: Scintillating palate cleansers 
  • Taste: Something for the sweet tooth and sweeter tongue

With hairs on end, hearts hankering to the pulse and senses shooting through the roof, Food Noir will then take its natural course. Coursing into all things provocative as the night continues towards further sensations, piloerection and the daring antics of The House of Noir's 'divine creatures', Nude Noir ends the night in a true showcase of the amorous and the avant-garde.

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