Fresh off the back of their tree-mendously successful Lumberjack themed Skylodge series, the folks at Platterform are at it again. This time they're all set to shore up at Hackney's Hothouse for a fifteen-week pop-up, showcasing an exhibition of the finest seafood from around the globe with plenty of themed tipples thrown in to the mix too.

Platterform's 'Sea Adventure Series' will run for fifteen weeks from Thursday 16th January.

A ticket to this quirky event secures guests a four-course meal and an after-dinner cocktail - but if thirst should strike before then have no fear - there's some great drinks to be had port, starboard and centre! The nautically-themed 'Rum's Rations', 'Captain's Choice' cocktails and 'Shanty Shots' should keep things ticking over nicely, and there's a selection of craft beers and wine to try as well. Platterform's culinary team believe that variety is the spice of life, which goes a long way to explaining why they'll be whipping up treats that have their origins all over the world. 

Platterform's 'Sea Adventure Series' kicked off on Thursday 16th January and will run for fifteen weeks. Tickets are priced at £30 per person and include a four course meal and after dinner cocktail.