Quaglino's 21st Birthday Celebrations

Last updated . By Nicholas Coombs.

Having reached the ripe old age of 21, Quaglino's restaurant and champagne bar in Mayfair will begin its celebrations this March and will carry on the festivities for a full five months, offering something new and unique each month. 



The highly-reputable venue has maintained a glorious reputation since its original inception in 1929 and its revival in 1993, maintaining its decadent and opulent side that has amazed guest year after year. 

Starting on the 13th of March, join them for an evening of bellini and meringue pairings; led by the award-winning Meringue Girls from 6pm to 9pm in which bespoke meringues will be paired with some innovative bellini varieties such as "Orange Marmalade" and "Beetroot". Continuing the festivities for five months, expect a range of of entertaining events starting in March, ranging from exhibitions, to live music performances.