turntables london hackney wick pop-up

Rustle up the nicest of knitted wares and hurry on down to Hackney Wick, Turntables are turning over palates. 

As if the prospect of hopping aboard the air-conditioned overground for air-conditioned dining doesn't jiggle your niblets. Okay, so it's not summer, niblets is an inappropriate word and the need for open-air-conditioning isn't exactly prompt, but harking about the crisp winter air with a selection of street food in tow? Get to it Gonzalez.

A brand new eating experience found in the heart of Hackney Wick's industrial innards, Turntables lands this Winter in London to not necessarily challenge, but certainly give more East-erly alternatives to the likes of Night Tales and Urban Food Fest alike. An exterior education in all things East London, expect fire pits, street food stalls, a dance floor and three bars as Turntables turns brisk nights into party mights. From Mother Flipper with their bold beefy fare, to Bill or Beak with their fragrant Vietnamese delectables, Turntables are laying claim to crisp moments under the stars this Winter. 

Turntables can be found at 119 Wallis Road, Hackney Wick every Friday-Sunday until December 20th.