Did you know that on average, it takes one person over six buckets of sweat, nine whole hours, three emotional breakdowns and one harrowing boo-boo to put up a two man tent? These are numbers that we and The Art of Dining find simply unacceptable, this is 2015 for camping's sake. So, what are we going to do about it?

While we often slave over sleepless nights trying to make your lives better, we thought we'd leave this to the palate pleasing professionals at The Art of Dining as they present 'Gone Camping'. A pop-up dining experience that follows on from roaring food romps the likes of 'The Colour Palate', 'Say Cheese' and 'East to Osterley', it's time to get your slippery hitch in check as The Pickle Factory plays host to what could be their most unique event yet.

gone camping dining event london

Join The Art of Dining this January in London for an interactive and edible camping experience.

With set designer Alice Hodges in tow, this industrial location is set to be transformed into a lush, rolling hills inspired lair of camp fires, pesky seagulls, tents and more, as 'Gone Camping' promises to provide an experience that only who live by Hampstead Heath have hankerings for. But this is no ordinary, faux nature nook.

Improving the palate of bewildered, baked bean campers the UK over (we told you, they're here to help, guts and gastro alike), 'Gone Camping's five course meal is a playful echoing of some favourite, charcoal dining moments. Expect dishes the likes of a posh pot-noodle (a version of Vietnamese pho), a Thai twist on the campfire barbecue, and a Moroccan breakfast dish with eggs and flat bread, all before nabbing a whittling stick to those mmm-mallows.

Whether you're new to the city and missing the comforts of the countryside, petrified at the idea of a night on the knolls and needing an alternative, or simply looking for a unique night in the city, The Art of Dining have hit the nail on the camping pitch. And don't worry, there's strictly no bears, those fluffy fun-lovers have unfortunately been extinct in the UK for a while now.

Buy your tickets for Gone Camping by The Art of Dining right here.