As soon as I heard the very mention of ‘Snacktails’ I was there. I mean, who wouldn’t be interested to discover a boozy blend of sweet, savoury and spirits combined?

The The Jacob’s Gourmet Snacktail Bar, a collaboration between cracker connoisseurs Jacob's and Matt Whiley, the ‘nutty professor’ of the cocktail world, was going to open my mind to the true lengths of the weird and wonderful. The evening was hosted at The Peg & Patriot in Bethnal Green where an eclectic range of cocktails, all made with home-infused spirits and syrups (on offer throughout the year), only added to our expectations for the evening.

jacobs snacktail pop up london

Savoury notes, sweet supping and spirits made a bid for one of the most sensory pop-ups in London. 

Now time to get down to boozy business. Jacob's revealed the 3 course menu of cocktails specifically created to pair with the new range of crackers; sea salt and balsamic vinegar, sour cream and chive and Thai sweet chilli. First to hit our palettes and pair unquestionably with the sour cream and chive crackers was the ‘Chilli Con Carne’ cocktail. Intrigued? In the best way imaginably possible, it tasted like I was drinking chilli gravy; all the flavour notes and smells were on point, and even the tin can it was served in added to the creativity and attention to detail. Those long hours making a batch of chilli for infusion was definitely not spent in vain - not satisfied with just the one, I had to order another.

Second to pair with the Thai sweet chilli crackers was a delightful concoction of spring roll vodka, sugar and lime, tasting exactly like a fragrant Thai soup. We were all sat sipping gently from small soup bowls, tricking our minds with our liquid dinner and trying to get Matt to tell us his secret methods......The final cocktail of the evening transported our senses to the seaside with liquid hydrogen clouds filling the table with smells of sea salt and chips, and the perfect way to end a brilliant night of multi-sensory trickery and inventiveness, hosted by the Talented Mr Fox and Jacob's.

The Jacob's Gourmet Snacktail pop-up bar will be found in Soho on the 9th and 10th July 2015.