WigWam Rooftop at Queen of Hoxton

Perch on a toadstool and warm yourself with a Hot gingerbread & apple toddy.

Once upon a WigWam tells the tale of all great Grimm stories under a fairylit canopy atop of Queen of Hoxton...

That Little Red Riding Hood rascal will be up to no good frolicking through the forest-like setting and Rapunzel won't be letting her hair down for no man from the keep of her cosy shelter. Watch out for those pesky kids Hansel & Gretel getting up to no good too as this rooftop is rife with the fantastical tales of our favourite childhood stories. Transforming their rooftop into a space of trailing vines, wooden stools, curling fires and golden, gnarling trees, the Queen of Hoxton will become a picture-perfect page of Grimm's most iconic tales. 

Lap up drinks to the taste of the Gardener’s Grog, The Big Bad Buttered Rum and the The Golden Apple. Then stuff down some Magic Bean Stew for dinner. Fee fi fo YU-HUM in my tum. 

Once Upon a WigWam opens Thursday 22nd October until end of March 2016, Monday to Saturday 4pm - 10pm. Walk-ins only.