Listen carefully... can you hear that? Yep, that'll be the collective sigh of London's raving population, punching the air at the news coming out of Ministry of Sound this week. The Elephant & Castle nightspot had been staring down the barrel of noise restrictions, earlier closing times and possibly closure altogether after it was announced that a new property development was to be set up nearby. 

Get your hands in the air if you love Boris Johnson!

But that was before Boris Johnson got involved. 'Not on my watch' said the London Mayor (we would imagine), as he approved an agreement between the nightclub and Englewood developers which safeguarded the Ministry of Sound's future. The agreement means that the superclub will be allowed to keep noise levels as they are without fear of complaint from the new residents, which is obviously a huge boost for the thousands of party goers that flock to the Ministry with their hands in the air and dancing shoes strapped on.

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, the super club has also introduced a new look courtyard, an extra glam VIP Suite with a viewing gallery, two new balconies AND spruced up their already renowned sound system... we need a rest just reeling all that great stuff off! Two massive parties on the 24th and 25th January look all set to kick start one of the Ministry's most exciting years to date, see you there!