Proud of polymath, lush with lightning rods and brimming with bifocals, even Ben Franklin once proclaimed that 'in beer there is freedom'. So, why not loosen those bog standard beer chains that have been holding you back, and uncover what London Beer Week 2015 has to boast in our favourite selection of events. From craft cavorting to beer infused bites, this celebration of must-try malts and interesting IPAs has three years of festivals under their belt, so you're bound to find a cool brew to boast about. Go on then, hop to it


Flavour of Beer Dinner: Brewhouse & Kitchen Islington (February 17th)

You say it best when you say nothing at all, because you'll be too busy scoffing these sought after beer bites that is. Brought to by Pete Hughes of Brewhouse & Kitchen and London Amateur Brewers, guests wont wine and dine, they'll beer and cheer as seven courses brimming with guest beers are paired with a prime selection of plates. Beer infused bangers? Here's hoping.

big flavour beer dinner london beer week

Beer infused bangers are just one of the dishes that could come 'a' cropper.


Public Live Brew Session: UBREW (February 17th & 18th)

Some may say brewing is a laid back, lazy liquid sport. Not UBREW, or at least not when you're doing all the hard work. A destination where you brew the beer, UBREW's interactive antics take to London Beer Week for a hand in all things yeast. From free samples and informative anecdotes, to a hand in the art of brewing yourself, check out what these dapper chappers are up to.

ubrew london cocktail week

You do the brewing, so those two dapper chappers don't have to.


The Craft of Gentleman, Beer Cocktails: Union Street Bar (February 18th)

Blending the line between delicious, and damn delicious, The Craft of Gentleman introduces a dashing drinks experience. With Gentleman Jack and Innis & Gunn in tow, prepare for cocktail necking, barber shop quartets and more as you uncover beer-whiskey cocktails brimming with boozy wonder. From the Lynchburg Shandy and The Fox Catcher to the Boulivardi-Beer, it's a lip lockin' business with masterclasses, tasting sessions and more.

beer cocktails london beer week

Looks like a cocktail, smells like a cocktail, tastes like a cocktail, is a cocktail: a beer cocktail.


Sharp's Secret Bar: Old Truman Brewery (February 17th-22nd)

When it comes to beer, some people are all 'lock me in a room with a pump and throw away the key', or at least we've heard. But how about knocking around in a big ol' box instead? Coming 'a' cropper at the Old Truman Brewery, Sharp's Brewery will incite a little box boozing as their hidden crate invites guests for 30 minute pairing sessions, Beer Sommelier Ed Hughes, complimentary chow and more. Question is, just how long as Ed been in that there box?

sharps brewery

The only time you'll find yourself in a wooden box, other than when your chums try to sell and ship you on Ebay.


Craft Beer Rising Festival: Old Truman Brewery (February 19th-22nd)

Closing up beer tidings this London Beer Week, Craft Beer Rising returns for their third annual romp. Craft Beer Rising are ready to innovate and scintillate as three days churn out some of the best brews in the business as over 70 breweries (inc, Dominion, Camden Town, Yeastie Boys, Bad Seed) are on hand to help you towards a fuzzy noggin. But never fear, street food from the likes of Prairie Fire BBQ and Dosa Deli are here. 

craft beer rising london beer week

You're bound to look as cute as this couple after a few cold brews. If not? Have another.