LeBlon Cachaca Brings Brazilian Spirit To London This Summer

Published . By Kiran Khattra.

As the UK’s focusing its attention on Brazil this summer, LeBlon Cachaca will be introducing us to Leblon Natural Cane Cachaca, Brazil’s national treasure and favourite spirit. Bringing us a splash of South American flavour we will be spoiled with delicious artisanal cocktails and must-visit experiences. 

Let Leblon Cachaca take you to sunny Brazil this summer.

Leblon Cachaca has partnered with two of London’s leading bars to create cocktail experiences that champion the ‘spirit of Brazil’. Barzinho in Soho and CocoBananas in Battersea will both transform areas in their venues into bold and beautiful Brazilian oasis's. Think carnival feathers, palm leaves and vintage surfboards. Both sites will be serving several of LeBlon Cachaca's legendary and signature cocktails infused with mouthwatering flavours that will leave you wanting more.