Here’s a list of reasons to love the Urban Food Fest. 1) It gathers the UK’s hottest street food stalls together in one buzzing location. 2) It makes room for a shed load of awesome drinks as well. 3) It’s absolutely free to get in.

A gift from the foodie gods, fill your boots with flavours from around the World.

That’s right folks, the critically acclaimed Urban Food Fest makes an exultant return to Shoreditch High Street from 16th August, kicking off another series of foodie extravaganzas with a hearty dose of entertainment on the side. This is the place to be if you like sampling mouth-watering cuisine from all corners of the globe; with Korean ramen burgers, Peruvian ox cheek, Jamaican jerk chicken and German curry wurst all available within a few strides of each other.

If you thought picking between the various culinary delights meant the toughest decision of the day was over, think again. It’s up to the bar next, where a range of craft beers, specialist urban cocktails and premium wines all put together a compelling case. Factor in a vibrant East London atmosphere and you’ve got a truly superb Saturday on the cards. The diet can wait one more day.

The Urban Food Fest runs every Saturday night till the end of October. 162 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6HU between 5pm and midnight. Check out their Facebook here and website here.