To further confirm that the Overground is the best thing to happen to TFL since the schmancy doors on the Jubilee Line, there’s now even a secret, immersive pop-up event named in its honour. Gingerline HQ is a mysterious affair which hosts original style dining, awe-inspiring set design and in-character actors from a secret location based somewhere on the East London Line section of the London Overground (anywhere between Crystal Palace and Highbury and Islington!).

Gingerline HQ

"Once Upon A Time In Gingerline" - one of their previous events. (photo: Alice Pennefather)

With several past events under their belt, this tasty nomadic movement is back; tastier and quirkier than ever. I was lucky enough to try out the experience for myself. Now, I have to be careful what I say as the fun is all in the secret, but their newest event, ‘The Hideout’, is surely their best yet! Gorgeous food, an out-of-this-world thought out theme and one of the most unique experiences in the city make this one helluva night. From arriving to eating, from the set design to departing for the evening; literally every aspect of our night was part of the Gingerline journey.

Gingerline HQ London Pop Up

"Gingerline Royale" - another colourful past event

Once you buy your ticket, you'll have to wait until the night for the secret location to be revealed; so just make sure you're somewhere on the 'Gingerline' at 6pm. Once you've got your text, hop on the trusty Overground and then just enjoy the ride, literally!


The Hideout is running until 29th March 2014. For more info head over to their website. But remember, keep it schtum!