While it may just feel like one supper club after the next, there's one event in the city that promises an immersive dining venture like no other. Introducing chef Alex Cooper, dining virtuoso's Basement Galley.....and a decommissioned London tube carriage in a Walthamstow junkyard. Yes, a tube carriage.

Originally trained at Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris, and following a string of chef residencies in the heralded Sketch and AA Rosette winning Rufflets Hotel, Alex Cooper set his sights on an alternative dose of dining. Joining hands, spatulas and other well known kitchen utensils with Tom Fothergill, Basement Galley was born. Giving London the unique dining experiences that is so well deserves, a theme of Underground Dining was cultivated between the duo, but something else was needed from there. After a twinge of genius, a stopover at a Costa in Wolverhampton and some sheepish phonecalls from TFL, Basement Galley snagged a rare, disused London tube carriage all for themselves and the rest isn't history, it's dinner. 

underground supper club tube carriage london

Dine in disused London tube carriage courtesy of Basement Galley. 

Now boasting one of the most sought after dinner tickets in London, Underground Supper Club have utilised a space that Londoners and tourists know all too well, turning it into a unique space where stunning dishes, and great conversations are born. But where next for Basement Galley and their Underground Supper Club series? 

Guest chefs and whisky dinners, that's where.

Kicking off this February alongside their classic events, the Underground Supper Club plan to host a whole new roster of evenings that will give light to some of the best chefs in the business. Leaving rivalry at the door, the Underground Supper Club's introduction of unique visiting chefs promises to mix up menus, dabble with dining styles and give guests not only their heralded and unique location, but a taste of food and flavours they may never have tried before. 

pickled fork underground supper club london

Alex from The Pickled Fork promises a punchy menu for those attending the Guest Chefs night at Underground Supper Club. Starting their series off (and already heralded for a South West London Pop-Up), The Pickled Fork are handing over Head Chef Alex Motture and his catalogue of over 10 years continental experience as he presents Underground Supper Club guests with a 'punchy and seasonal menu' to impress. 

Who's next on the guest chef roster? The Underground Supper Club will reveal in due course, but if there's one thing that we know for sure? The talent will continue to be unparalleled, and the event will be unmissable. 

Tickets are now available for the Guest Chefs Night at Underground Supper Club, the Whisky Dinners at Underground Supper Club and the classic Underground Supper Club. Prices start from £45.