DesignMyNight's Charity Work: Past Events & Donations

Published . By Charlotte Howes.

We're always looking to get involved with a great causes and charitable events. As of June 2016, we're making a concerted effort to record all the great the things the team are doing. Keep an eye on this page for any recent donations or events we've been involved with.

Check out our charity homepage for more information.

Team Lunch Donation - October - Families of Ocean Ward - Donation: £315

In their own words: 'We are a parent led charity supporting children with heart conditions and their families that have been or are treated on Ocean Ward, Southampton General Hospital. We offer hardship grants, equipment for use by families on the ward & at home, and social events to support children and families.'


Pedometer Challenge - Debra - Donation: £190

As part of Access Pedometer challenge, DesignMyNight walked more than 3232000 steps over two weeks to raise £190 for Debra, a charity that helps people with Epidermolysis Bullosa 


Team Lunch Donation - September - Debra - Donation: £315

In their own words: We have a vision of a world where no one suffers from the painful genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Until that day, we offer specialist care to those who need it. We give support to people and families affected. And we provide real hope for the future by funding pioneering research which will one day find a cure.


Team Lunch Donation - August - Hackney Foodbank - Donation: £315

In their own words: Hackney Foodbank is registered charity founded by local churches and community groups in 2012, working together towards stopping hunger in our local area. We are a voluntary organisation and rely on the dedication of our local community to keep going! We work with over 180 local partners and are supported by countless more community organisations through food donations and other means of support. 


Team Lunch Donation - July - Cystic Fibrosis Trust - Donation: £315

In their own words: Our mission is to create a world where being born with CF no longer carries a death sentence, when everyone living with the condition will be able to look forward to a long, healthy life.


Team Lunch Donation - June - Single Homeless Project - Donation: £308

In their own words: Working to prevent homelessness and help vulnerable and socially excluded people to transform their lives. 


Team Lunch Donation - May - The Maytree Respite Centre - Donation: £315

In their own words: The Maytree Suicide Respite Centre is the only place of its kind in the UK and fills a gap in services, between the medical support of the NHS and the helplines and drop-in centres of the voluntary sector. 


DesignMyNight donated 25p for every ticket sold from Food Fest to Great Ormond Street Hospital - Donation: £223.50

Food Fest


Team Lunch Donation - April - Sense - Donation: £215

April's Team Lunch was donated to Sense, a charity that runs support centres for people with complex disabilities.


In their own words: Sense is a national disability charity that supports people with complex communication needs to be understood, connected and valued.


Team Lunch Donation - March - The People's Kitchen Limited - Donation: £215

March's Team Lunch was donated to The People's Kitchen Limited, a charity that aims to support homeless and disadvantaged people in the Newcastle Area.

In their own words: 'The People’s Kitchen was started in 1985 by Alison Kay (who was then in her 70s). Alison began in a humble way, sitting with alcohol users and homeless men in the city centre. After many hours of patient visits the barriers of mistrust started to fall away, conversations began and so was born the People's Kitchen.'


Team Lunch Donation - February - Solace Women's Aid - Donation: £100

February's Team Lunch was donated to Solace Women's Aid, a Hackney charity that works with women and children who are at danger from abuse.

Solace Women's Aid

In their own words: 'We’re Solace. For more than 40 years we’ve supported women and children in London to build safe and strong lives. Futures free from male abuse and violence.'


Team Lunch Donation - January - Hackney Food Bank - Donation: £100

January's team lunch was given to Hackney Food Bank, a charity that provide emergency food and support to people in crisis.

Hackney Foodbank

In their own words: 'Hackney is the second most deprived borough in England. The Hackney foodbank provides a minimum of 3 days emergency food and support to local people in crisis. We are part of the Trussel Trust's UK-wide foodbank network.'


Billy and Jack's 24 Hour Supper Club - Cancer Research UK - 10% Fee Donation: £60

DesignMyNight donated 10% of their fee for Billy and Jack's 24 Hour Supper Club, which was raising money for Cancer Research

Billy and Jack 24 Hour Supper Club


Charity Bake Off - September - Decemeber - Solace Women's Aid - Donation: £641.08

For 12 weeks, a weekly charity Bake Off was held with money raised given to Solace Women's Aid, a London-based charity supporting people affected by sexual and domestic violence

Solace Women's Aid

In their own words: 'Solace Women's Aid exists to bring an end to the harm done to women and children through domestic and sexual violence. Our work is holistic and empowering, working alongside women and children to achieve independent lives free from abuse.' 


Team Lunch Donation - November 2017 - PDSA - Donation: £200

November's team lunch money was given to PDSA, a veterinary charity that promotes pet welfare by educating owners, preventing diseases and carrying out life-saving operations.


In their own words: 'We are the UK’s leading veterinary charity, with 51 Pet Hospitals and over 380 Pet Practices supporting pets and their owners throughout the country. Every year our vet team work tirelessly to provide 2.7 million treatments – including 440,000 preventative treatments – helping over 470,000 much-loved pets and bringing peace of mind to 300,000 owners.' 


Charity Bake Off - September 2017 - MacMillan Coffee Morning - Donation: £80

For MacMillan Coffee Morning (29th September 2017), we donated the proceedings from the Charity Bake Off to MacMillan.

MacMillan DMN Bakeoff

In their own words: 'We exist to help improve the lives of people affected by cancer, both those living with cancer and also their families and carers. Our primary focus is to reach and improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.'


Team Lunch Donation - October 2017 - YoungMinds - Donation: £100

This month's team lunch was donation to YoungMinds, a charity that works to improve the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people.

Young Minds Donation

In their words: 'We exist so that young people have the strongest possible voice in improving their mental health. We strive to make sure everything, from Government policy to practice in schools and services, is driven by young people’s experiences and aspirations. We also campaign vigorously in the hope that mental health will one day have parity with physical health, as the stigma associated with talking about how we feel is still widespread throughout society today.'


Team Lunch Donation - September 2017 - Centrepoint - Donation: £190

This month's team lunch was donated to Centrepoint, a charity that aims to help young people suffering from homelessness.


In their words: 'Centrepoint is the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people. We have helped more than 75,000 homeless young people since 1969. We now provide housing and support for over 1,000 16-25 year olds every year, helping them into work and a home of their own. We also give homeless young people a voice through the Centrepoint Parliament.'


Team Lunch Donation - August 2017 - Canal & River Trust - Donation: £92.50

This month's team lunch was donated to Canal & River Trust, a charity that aims to conserve, restore or enhance UK's canals.

Canal & River trust

In their words: 'The Canal & River Trust is the guardian of 2,000 miles of historic waterways across England and Wales. They are among the largest charities in the UK, maintaining the nation’s third largest collection of listed structures, as well as museums, archives, navigations and hundreds of important wildlife sites.'


Team Lunch Donation - July 2017 - Food Cycle - Donation: £95

This month's team lunch was donated to Food Cycle, a charity that aims to reduce waste and feed people.

Food Cycle

In their words: 'FoodCycle builds communities by combining volunteers, surplus food and spare kitchen spaces to create nutritious meals for people at risk from food poverty and social isolation. Keepin' it simple and local!'


Team Lunch Donation - June 2017 - Borough market - Donation: £90

Following the terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market, this month's team lunch was donated to the #LoveBorough Campaign.


Charity Fundraiser - 70% of revenue from Hip Hop Brunch donated to Ben's Spinal Cancer/Disability Fund - Donation: £68

70% of revenue from Hip Hop Brunch and DJ Daredevil in March went to Ben's Spinal Cancer/Disability Fund, a fund to help DJ Daredevil rehabilitate following spinal cancer.


Team Lunch Donation - April 2017 - North London Cares - Donation: £90

This month's team lunch went to North London Cares, a charity that aims to combat loneliness in old age.

North London Cares

In their words: 'A community network of young professionals & older neighbours, helping all stay valued, vibrant & visible in a rapidly changing city'.


Team Lunch Donation - March 2017 - Teapot Trust - Donation: £90

This month's team lunch went to Teapot Trust, a charity that helps children with illness through art therapy.

Teapot Trust


The Teapot Trust is dedicated to providing professional art therapy in a medical environment to children coping with chronic illness. In particular, they focus on supporting children suffering from complex rheumatological diseases, including Lupus. Their art therapists work in medical settings, including clinics, hospital wards, and hospices, in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Kinross, Aberdeen, Inverness, Kirkcaldy, the Borders and London to support children coping with the emotional and mental strain that so often accompanies their battle with illness.


Team Lunch Donation - February 2017 - Motor Neurone Disease Association - Donation: £82.50

This month's team lunch went to Motor Neurone Disease Association, a charity that offers support and information on the illness.


The Motor Neurone Disease Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland focused on MND care, research and campaigning. They do all that they can to enable everybody living with MND to receive the best care, achieve the highest possible quality of life and to die with dignity.


Team Lunch Donation - January 2017 - Age UK - Donation: £82.50

This month's team lunch went to Age UK who provide support and companionship to older people.

Age UK

Age UK aims to improve the lives of older people through a variety of actions. From offering help and advice on a huge number of matters through to providing support groups and supporting people with long-term health conditions, Age UK's work is essential to improving the lives of the older generation.


Charity Bake Off - The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability - Donation: £156.14

Team DesignMyNight went head-to-head in a series of separate bakes, all the while raising much needed funds for the brilliant RHN.

Bake Off for The RHN

The RHN are a charity that meet the complex needs of people with profound disabilities arising from brain injury.

Though many in the team made valiant efforts, there were two clear (joint) winners in our charity bake-off; The 'Veg Out' carrot cake from Charlotte, and the 'Bitch, Cheese' biscuit board from Luke, with an average score of 8.8 out of 10. Nail-biting stuff. Overall, we raised £156.14 for the very worthy Royal Hospital of Neuro-Disability. 


Team Lunch Donation - December 2016 - Friends of the ElderlyDonation: £165

This month's team lunch donation went to Friends of the Elderly, who help to give older people the opportunity to live full and respected lives.

Friends of the Elderly


As well as other important services, this charity puts on various events and fundraisers over the festive season, in a bid to battle isolation and loneliness for older people all across the country. In their words; 'Our vision is a society where all older people are treated with respect and have the opportunity to lead fulfilled lives. To achieve this, we provide support for all older people, particularly those in need due to mental or physical frailty, isolation or poverty.' 


Team Lunch Donation - November 2016 - Samaritans' 'Operation Christmas Child'Donation: £155

In November, instead of donating our team lunch money to a charity directly, we spent the money on supplies to support the Samaritans' Christmas shoe box initiative.

Shoe box appeal


Every year, with the help of thousands of people, The Samaritans help to deliver thousands of shoebox gifts - filled with toys, toiletries and treats - to some of the most vulnerable children in the world. In their words; 'A small shoebox can have a big impact. What goes into the box is fun, but what comes out of it is eternal. Be a part of changing children’s lives all over the world in Jesus’ name through the power of a simple gift with Operation Christmas Child.' 


Team Lunch Donation - October 2016 - Celia Hammond Animal Trust Donation: £155

This month's team lunch donation went to the UK Animal Rescue Charity, Celia Hammond Animal Trust.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust


In their words: "Celia Hammond was a model in the 1960s, and has since become known as a campaigner against fur and for neutering of cats to control the feral population. In 1986 she founded the Celia Hammond Animal Trust with the aim of opening a low cost neutering clinic to control the feral animal population. The first of these clinics opened in Lewisham in 1995, and a second opened in Canning Town in 1999. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust also runs a sanctuary in Brede (Nr Hastings) for animals who are not suitable to be homed for various reasons. In addition to neutering animals, the clinics (and sanctuary) also help to rescue and re-home animals - now homing thousands of cats each year."


Team Lunch Donation - September 2016 - Hackney Winter Night Shelter Donation: £155

This month's team lunch donation went to the Hackney Winter Night Shelter.

Hackney Winter Night Shelter

Photo credit: Paul Driver.

In their words: "Hackney Winter Night Shelter provides a hot meal and a warm bed for homeless guests who would otherwise be out on the streets during the coldest winter months. Our vision is for a route out of homeless for everyone in need in Hackney, so we offer this alongside professional and holistic support to help our guests rebuild their lives. We can only do this with your support. Please donate now, become a volunteer, and read our latest news."


Team Lunch Donation - August 2016 - The Presidents Sporting Club / Essex Disabled Sports Foundation Donation: £155

This month's team lunch donation went to The Presidents Sporting Club and the Essex Disabled Sports Foundation.

 Presidents Sporting Club


In their words: "The Presidents Sporting Club/Essex Disabled Sports Foundation (Registered Charity No. 1001176), has now raised well over £2 million which has been donated to schools and organisations - such as 'Riding for the Disabled' - to provide sporting facilities and opportunities for disabled children.

The money raised is used to provide sports equipment, coaching and tuition, the hire of sports halls and the funding of outings and adventure type holidays.

Taking part in sport increases the children’s self confidence, physical development and self esteem, and helps them meet challenges that they may face later in life."


Team Lunch Donation - July 2016 - The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity - Donation: £140

This month's team lunch donation went to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

Royal Marsden


In their words: 'Imagine a future beyond cancer. At The Royal Marsden we’re dedicated to making this happen. We’re a world-leading cancer centre who pioneer new treatments that save lives. We use our research every day to provide the very best in diagnosis, treatment and care for our patients. The revolutionary way we treat people in our hospitals has far-reaching impact, nationally and internationally.'

An organisation we're very happy to support.


Row Hard 2016 - July 2016 - Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability

The teams eagerly awaiting the starting buzzer for Row Hard 2016 at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in Putney

Team DesignMyNight took part in the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability's Row Hard event this July. It was a great night and a lot of fun, possibly highlighting our lack of gym expertise but certainly not our lack of enthusiasm!

Check out this video of the final seconds of our first heat, as the two DesignMyNight teams go head to head with other corporate teams from across London! 


Team Lunch Donation - June 2016 - CLIC Sargent - Donation: £130

Every week, we're lucky enough to enjoy a free group lunch courtesy of the company. Though of course very grateful, the team decided collectively that we'd use the money from one group lunch a month, and instead donate it to a worthy charity or cause. In June, that charity was CLIC Sargent.

CLIC Sargent is a charity that specialises in supporting children and young people with cancer. It provides clinical, practical, financial and emotional support to help children cope with cancer and get the most out of life. They support people from diagnosis onwards and aims to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement. The charity also undertakes research into the impact of cancer on children and young people.