If there are tales to be told as truth this winter, it's that your favourite woollen tootsie warmers will have a hole in them, your umbrella will be more reminiscent of an angry metal octopus than a way to keep dry, and that the cocktails in London are cracking. While there's many a shop to cater to those biting winter necessities, we're here for the libations, not socks, so why not check out some of the best winter themed cocktails that London has to offer this season. These lovely cocktail coats? They'll only keep you warmer than wool anyway: 


The Winter Pear at Dirty Martini Venues

You've eaten After Eights before the clock strikes five, you've done away with every piece of Christmas carb you can find, and now you're feeling seasonally sluggish: Time for a must-have martini. With their Christmas concoction toting Absolut Vodka, Poire William and Pimento Dram shaken with fresh lemon juice, pear juice and sugar syrup, prepare for festive freshness at all Dirty Martini venues. 

pear martini dirty martini christmas

Dirty Martini? Seasonal supping where cool cut glass and classy clientele reign supreme.

Mountain Retreat at Purl

Mixology masterminds that bring a level of science to supping, Purl haven't resisted a festive challenge yet. A lush libation brimming with a Biscardi coffee shot, Borsci, Purl’s egg liquor presented with firing Pernod absinthe, Purl's Christmas cocktail dons furs, drags you out in the snow, and gallantly strolls you to a winter lodge of cracking cocktails, competitive Cluedo and roaring fires. (Please note that no, this delicious drink doesn't come with a free ticket to the Rocky's, but it sure as heck plants the nugget in your noggin).

mountain retreat cocktail purl london

Watch the master mixologists come to play this Christmas at Purl.

The Pomegranate Mezcalita at Wahaca

There's a festive fire burning in the Wahaca loins this season as this heralded selection of South American bars fronts a feisty punch. With pomegranates in season from November to March, Wahaca's smoky mezcal blend is a welcome, and rich smack on the chops this Christmas. The Pomegranate Mezcalita comes in at £6.95 at Azulito Bar in Wahaca Soho, Mezcaleria in Wahaca Charlotte Street, and Terrace Bar at Wahaca Canary Wharf.

winter cocktail wahaca

Snap back to reality? Whooop, there goes gravity courtesy of a cracking Christmas cocktail at Wahaca.

Warm Spiced Apple Rum Punch at Jamie's (All Venues)

Ember-esque tones will keep your bellies bubbling this Christmas as Kornicis Group present a winter warmer with summer sass. Mulled apple juice, cinnamon, citrus, cloves, Golden Havana Rum and Cointreau orange liqueur make up this party of beach jolly meets humble home-spun spices. The Warm Spiced Apple Rum Punch is available at all Jamie's Wine Bar sites, The Saint Bar (St Pauls) and Number 25 Bar for just £8.65.

apple spiced cocktail london

Rich tones make for even richer flavours this Christmas at Jamie's.

Spiced Pumpkin Eggnog at Trapeze Bar

There are those classic, white winter tones that are peepers have been peering after. Coming in at £9.50, this blend of Courvoisier VS, Pumpkin, milk and egg white topped with cream and ground nutmeg will wet that winter whistle with clandestine, creamy flavour. Found at East London's answer to a top-knot laden circus, get your cocktail kicks at Trapeze Bar this Christmas.

trapeze winter cocktail lonon

Build up your cocktail rep with a belly full of flavoursome snow this festive season. 

Hot Buttered Rum at The Queen of Hoxton

WELCOME TO WOODLANDIA (scream it out like 'Welcome to Thunderdome', trust me, it's pretty empowering). But how about we quit panicking the colleague sat alongside you with your barmy exclamations, and talk cocktails? Set atop the Queen of Hoxton rooftop, nestle, nuzzle and hunker down in the winter whimsy of their rooftop Wig Wam Bam where Hot Buttered Rum, Ginger Hot Toddy and Eggsnog (a whiskey inspired twist) will get your blood pumping. 

wig wam bam london winter cocktails

Rooftop meandering from one of the best pop-up Christmas venues in East London.

Winter Pimms at The Little Yellow Door 

Coming a Christmas cropper this season, The Little Yellow Door not only nabbed the footing as one of the only apartment themed bars in London, they're toting a Winter Pimm's to rival those splashing summer alternatives. A fresh yet festive blend that will have you knocking off shoes and curled up on the sofa, head down to this Notting Hill nook for cocktail crooning not scrooging. 

little yellow christmas cocktail

Laid-back bliss comes as classic this Christmas at The Little Yellow Door.