"Full-on, no-limits, all welcome, freeform psychedelic dance party". That's at least how Beauty & the Beat describe their own nights, and to be fair, it's a pretty good description. Running nights every few months, it's a free-for-all event that's captured the public's imagination and is a great alternative to eye-watering entry prices of most major London clubs.

A hugely popular night that's got everyone excited. 

Since 2005 they've been running free parties in a London Fields warehouse every couple of months; aimed at music lovers all of genres and those wishing to take part in a communal project that aims to unite people through dance and music. An atmospheric and vibrant environment, it's run by a group of friends who wished to express their passion for music and clubbing in the most authentic and non-commercialised manner possible (and they have certainly succeeded).

Taking place between roughly 10pm and 5am, these parties definitely demand a certain level of commitment; but with the number of aficionados it attracts, the clientele is primarily those who love to party until the early hours of the morning. Also boasting an analogue sound system you won't find in any club, it creates a more authentic and retro feel that harks back to the good old days of 90's raves. So if you're the life of the party, the one who always leaves last, and a self-confessed audiophile, Beauty & The Beat is the night for you.