Drinking beer is tiring work. Plus, all the time you spend walking to and from the bar is time spent without a beer in hand - not ideal. Wouldn't it be nice if there was an expert on hand to deliver some of the finest beers direct to your table?

Well, the guys over at Honky Tonk know us, and they know us well. They've devised a cunning plan to keep customers comfortably hydrated in the form of a beer trolley, full to brim with a wide selection of beers to keep even the fussiest tastebuds happy. Diners are now able to savour the taste of some of the finest beers in London - and from the comfort of their seats!

beer trolley

We were thinking Honky Tonk couldn't get any cooler... then they get a beer trolley. Genius.

Wheeled by a trained beer sommelier, the Honky Tonk beer trolley will stock a wide selection of beers, ranging from the extra malty to the sweet and fruity - even if you're more of a cocktail fiend, you're sure to find something to suit. Both the Clapham and Chelsea branches will be treated to the delights of the beer trolley - so don't fret about missing out on this one. 

Guests can also look forward to the regular live music events lined up at both venues. Placing emphasis on the variations of blues, jazz and rockabilly played over one hundred years ago when the first honky-tonks sprung up in the Southern and Southwestern states of the US, patrons can expect great things from Honky Tonk.