Back by popular demand, A Grape Night return to Seven At Brixton for another series of wine tasting evenings running from March all the way until April. Already a proven success, their second stint is sure to be even more popular.

A Grape Night is more than just a great name.

Not just a catchily-named event, they're building quite the reputation in the Brixton area as the place to go for trying some of the best wine offerings out there. Running a multi-week course from the 16th of March onwards, each week will focus on a different aspect of wine, starting with an introduction to wine, then moving onto examining the 'Big 5' and The Floral & Aromatic as well.

You can book for either weekly sessions costing £25, or pay £125 for the full six week course with each session coming with a dinner from Seven At Brixton. By the end of the evening you'll be a wine expert and actually know what you're choosing from the shops.

The course dates are the following:

Week 1 (16/03): Intro to Wine (N.B. shorter class, 5 - 7pm, no dinner inc.)

Week 2 (23/03): The Big 5
By comparing Old & New World wines you'll learn about the top 5 most widely available varieties on the market, but what is it that makes them taste so different?

Week 3 (30/03): The Floral & Aromatic

Covering 5 classically aromatic varieties, you'll learn all about the 'bouquet' with these wines!

Week 4 (06/04): The Sun-lovers
Bask in the glow of 5 grape varieties that love the sun as much as you do, and find out how it effects their flavour!

Week 5 (13/04): The Odd-bods
Learn a little more about this collection of classic grapes each with their own unique character.

Week 6 (27/04): Sweet & Fizzy
Finishing off this Sunday Skool course is a little treat! Learn about the different styles of sparkling and dessert wines."