The Candlelight Club - Event Review

The Candlelight Club continues to build on its stellar reputation for throwing speakeasy-styled parties in secret locations across London. Talk of partying the night away with live bands, delicious cocktails and an elegant crowd of 20’s flappers and gents was more than enough to convince us here at DMN that it was perfect for a team night out.

The Venue

In true speakeasy character, the Candlelight Club kept the venue’s location shrouded in secrecy until the eleventh hour. It wasn’t until two days before the event that our confirmation email appeared in our inbox, by which stage anticipation for the event had truly reached fever pitch in the office.

Set in an unassuming Angel location, we stepped inside to find an enchanting space lit up entirely by candles. Neatly presented bartenders prowled the cocktail bar whipping up all kinds of cocktails, an excited crowd gathered at tables skirting the dance floor and an imposing stage stood at the heart of it all, with a live jazz band limbering up for their extended set.

Held in a secret location entirely lit by candles, this is speakeasy partying at its most authentic.

The Atmosphere and Clientele

The venue was buzzing from the start, with everybody making a real effort to comply with the dress code. That meant mingling with a chipper crowd of fedora-topped guys and girls kitted out in glam flapper dresses, which made for a great atmosphere throughout. Enter the live band, who took things up a notch with a medley of catchy jazz tunes as everybody prepared for an assault on the dance floor. Once the first sprinkling of couples had taken the plunge and headed over to throw a few shapes, the floor soon filled up and it remained busy until closing time.

The buzzing atmosphere was due in no small part to the jazz band's marathon set.

The Food and Drinks

We had eaten already so didn’t feel the need to indulge in the various platters on offer, but the same certainly wasn’t true for the drinks. After polishing off a few bottles of the house wine it was on to the cocktails, where the skilled bartenders wasted no time expressing their flair. I personally developed a strong bond with the whisky-based cocktails, but others will tell you that their tipple of choice was the best. Either way there was plenty to choose from, with a small selection of bottled beers thrown in to the mix too.

Fill your boots with quirky and innovative cocktails whipped up at the bar.


Obviously any venue that hosts an office team night out comes under loads of pressure, but The Candlelight Club passed every test with flying colours. The quirky décor, cracking atmosphere, live band and of course – the killer whisky cocktails – made this a fun-loving night out that comes highly recommended.