All The You Season 4 Filming Locations To Visit In London And Where To Grab A Drink After

Hello you. Binge-watched the fourth season of You faster than Joe Goldberg goes through love interests? Then you’ve probably recognised a few of the iconic London locations in the show. Wanna check them out? From gorgeous gardens in Chiswick to swanky hotel spots for the elite and Joe’s obscure stalking spots, we’re breaking down all the places You Season 4 was filmed in London and where to grab a drink after. And let this be your spoiler warning...

St Pancras International

We have to kick off with this nail-biting scene from the very first episode of the season. While we were actively praying for poor Marianne to catch her train to Paris, we couldn’t help but notice all the action was going down at none other than St Pancras International. You can take tonnes of pics inside the station before heading off to Vinoteca for a glass of wine and a few nibbles.

You Season 4 St Pancras International London | DesignMyNight

There's plenty of drinking dens nearby this You filming location.

Kynance Mews

Serving as another You Season 4 filming location, Joe’s flat is situated at Kynance Mews in South Kensington. If you walk along the cobbled street, you'll see eye-catching residential homes that are said to go for millions. We recommend visiting the V&A and snapping some Insta shots of the area's gorgeous wisteria. Parched? Make your way to The Builders Arm and crack on with freshly pulled pints.

You Season 4 Kynance Mews South Kensington | DesignMyNight

Joe er...Jonathan Moore resides in quite a beaut area in South Kensington.

Four Seasons Hotel At Ten Trinity Square

Going from one flat to another, Lady Phoebe’s gorgeous home sadly doesn’t exist but it was filmed in one of the luxe rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square. While you might not be able to explore the exact one from the Netflix show, it's worth checking out the Japanese and Chinese restaurant bar, Mei Ume. Alternatively, The Sterling is just a seven-minute walk from this 5-star destination if you're looking to polish off a few sips. 

You Four Seasons Hotel At Ten Trinity Square DesignMyNight

While you might not be able to live here, there are plenty of gorgeous bars fit for any socialite.

Royal Victoria Dock

Spoiler alert. One of the most climactic scenes occurs when Joe pushes his dark side (Rhys) off a bridge at Royal Victoria Dock. And while that moment from the finale was a real shocker, the location itself is great for relaxed weekends with friends. Walk six minutes from the bridge and saunter to Yapix Coffee And Wine House for a cuppa during the day or spend your evening at one of the venue's cool wine tastings.

You Season 4 Royal Victoria Dock London | DesignMyNight

The showdown between Joe and Rhys takes place at Royal Victoria Dock.

Oxo Tower At Bargehouse

Remember that art gallery from You Season 4 in London? You know the one that Kate would frequent all the time? Oxo Tower at Bargehouse is home to many immersive theatre events and exhibitions. Check out one of the venue's regular art shows and feast your eyes on the very spot of Simon’s demise before tuckering off to a nearby restaurant bar. For somewhere swanky, we recommend grabbing a martini at Sea Containers.

You Season 4 Oxo Tower At Bargehouse | DesignMyNight

Not feeling Simon's art show? Go to Sea Containers for dinner and drinks.

Chiswick House & Gardens

Chiswick House & Gardens made for a fabulous backdrop during Adam and Phoebe’s proposal (regardless of how toxic they were together). This green landmark serves as one of the most scenic gardens in London, complete with statues and 65 acres to explore. Similar to the not-so-dynamic duo, you and your beau can have a picnic right in front of the Ionic Temple or pop along the river before heading to Bell Crown for a glass of wine.

You Season 4 Chiswick House & Gardens | DesignMyNight

One of the less busy London locations on our list, this hotspot is ideal for couples.


Dying to party at the exclusive members club Sundry House? It was definitely giving us Soho House vibes after all. While the venue doesn't exist, the fictional spot is a combination of various filming locations including Warner Bros. Studios, Hertfordshire and Farringdon. That's right, head to Fabric if you're looking to let loose on the dancefloor while slinging back a drink and you might even catch a glimpse of a backdrop from the Netflix series.

You Season 4 Sundry House London | DesignMyNight

While it's not in Soho like the fictional Sundry House, Fabric is great for nights out.

Lincoln’s Inn

If you were a big fan of Nadia and her sleuthing skills, you probably remember a lot of her scenes in the library. While Darcy College is a fictional university, the library is very much real. Situated in Holborn, Lincoln’s Inn hosts tours for £15 (usually on Tuesdays) so you can scope out the filming spot. Afterward, head to Lockes for a couple of quirky cocktails and scrumptious pizza.

You Season 4 Lincoln's Inn Library Holborn | DesignMyNight

Justice for Nadia? Absolutely. Drinks in Holborn? Also, a resounding yes.

Royal Holloway University

We’re rounding off this list with one of the most controversial spots: Royal Holloway University. In the show, Joe claims he walks to work every day when in reality, the campus (which is actually in Surrey) is about a 6-hour walk from his South Kensington flat. Cue the viral videos and TikTok outrage. However, if you make the trip down to see the beautiful building, you can wet your whistle after with a pub visit to The Packhorse.

You Season 4 Royal Holloway University | DesignMyNight

We cheated slightly as this uni isn't technically in London but it'd be a crime not to include the TikTok famous haunt.

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