Why Camden is at the heart of London's vegan scene

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

There's been a decline in vintage shops and an increase in noise complaints, but there's something else happening to Camden, and it's a delicious turn in events. Boasting some of the biggest new restaurant and pop-up openings in the city, The Stables, mobile units and empty store fronts are dealing with a swarm, and this swarm is a dairy free one. Now at the heart of London's vegan boom, there's no denying that when it comes to a location that champions the meat-free, Camden is hard to beat. 

v burger camden vegan food

V Burger are a big contender on the vegan burger scene.

From long standing names such as Cookies and Scream, to new restaurant opps for some of the best vegan fried chicken in the business at Temple Of Seitan, you can't move in Camden for vegan food, and we're not complaining. 

You want vegan onion rings and a seitan schnitzel burger? Head to V Burger Camden. Feeling those taco pangs? Head on over to KERB to try out Club Mexicana. Want to keep lunch both ethical and nutrituous? Dig in at big Camden name, inSpiral Lounge. Fancy dinner at one of the most notorious meat-free restaurants in London? Book a table at Mildred's. Boosting your Camden experience with a vegan seitan and ale pie? You'll be dropping pennies and pounds in Young Vegans. Sealing the deal with vegan doughnuts? You'd be mad to miss Crosstown

I'll be honest, the list is endless.

As if all those stalls and dining opps weren't enough, not only is the UK's first pop-up vegan deli opening in Camden this December for artisanal products, dairy free cheeses and meat substitutes (courtesy of the one and only Fat Gay Vegan), there's a Christmas night market on the horizon as vegan beauty products and festive hampers will be available to buy at the London Irish Centre on December 15th. 

club mexicana vegan food

Club Mexicana churn out some of the best vegan tacos in the country.

While long since the days of double studded belts and cargo pants, my love affair with Camden goes on, it's great to see that this is a part of London that's not shy of declaring its veganism both loud, and proud. Head on over and don't miss a bite