This Speciality Shoreditch Bar Will Send Whisky Through Your Letterbox

whisky delivery london black rock bar

Black Rock can vouch for the pouch.

Black Rock have always been innovators, from their mission to demystify artisanal whisky to the way they choose to offer their products. It's no surprise then that they have been paving the road for booze delivery since 2017, a service very relevant nowadays.

Apart from a business-savvy move, their capri-sun-esque, letterbox friendly whisky pouches serve as a great quarantine treat. An illusion that you are at a bustling Shoreditch bar instead of the Bermuda triangle of your bedroom/kitchen/living room that is self isolation.

Their prices are super reasonable at £7.95 per month (your average London drink price), and you can even opt for yearly subscriptions lowering the cost down to £7 a month. For all of us allergic to subscriptions and the commitment that goes along with it, one time purchases are also available to test the waters.

You can even gift a few months worth of Black Rock to the whisky enthusiast in your life to cheer them up (and/or to enjoy over House Party together). The choices are straightforward even if you are not familiar with the sport: choose from spicy, fruity, fragrant, smoky or sweet.

Head over to to get yours, or head over to our Isolation Inspiration guide page for more at home ideas.