I'll be honest, up until relatively recently, I'd always considered whiskey as an ‘old man's drink’. This is a stereotype that myself - and I'm sure many others - have grown up with. But here to challenge that subjective stance are two connoisseurs determined to make the drink more attractive to today's market.

Introducing, Whiskey Thief; a dark, well bodied, sweet spirit. Tailored for a younger palate, it is the result of a carefully-devised aging process in order to maintain quality in taste and texture; attractive on the eye and easy on the wallet.

There really is no better place to taste this new product but in trendy North London boozer, The Lexington; whose owner is actually one of the co-founders. So, if you're in the area (or to be honest, even if you’re on the other side of London), you should definitely head down to have a taste for yourself, either neat/on the rocks, or even to sample the signature ‘Ginger Thief’ cocktail, a simple-yet-tasty mix with ginger ale.

If my own tasting session is anything to go by; you'll be a converted whiskey fan in no time. 

The Whiskey Thief @ The Lexington

Head down to the Lexington and try out Whiskey Thief for yourself.