5 Unmissable London Ice Rinks For Winter 2022


The time has come to strap on a pair blade-laced shoes and dance upon frozen water. That's right, ice rink season is firmly upon us. Whether you're latching on to a loved one as you claw your way around the rink barriers, or hurling yourself into a pirouette at the dismay of a group of friends who thought you were a banker and a banker only, these 6 fun London ice rinks cater to one and to all.


(TBC 2022)

Ever wanted to try ice skating on a rooftop? Now's your chance. Skylight is back for 2022 with pop-up igloos, bookable chalets and plenty of steaming hot refreshments to enjoy after showing off your skills. Better yet, this sprawling space at Tobacco Dock boasts amazing views of the city, so there's absolutely no way you can visit without taking a few pictures for the 'Gram. 

Skylight: Ice Skating In London | DesignMyNight

Enjoy ice skating with a view at this rooftop pop-up.

Winter Wonderland

(OPEN 2022: 19TH NOVEMBER - 2nd JANUARY 2023)

Whether you love or hate the festive bustle to be found at London's Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, there's no mulling over of opinions when it comes to their ice rink, it's simply too pretty (and boy, has it been missed). Whether you're slidding on skates during the day or dazzling with your ability to be pushed backwards on skates by friends come the night, this charming rink is littered by lights, and can be followed be festive grog, Alpine halls and more.

winter wonderland ice rink in london

Winter Wonderland boasts one of the biggest ice rinks in London.

Skate at Somerset House


The events roster at Somerset House is an enviable one, with art exhibitions and outdoor cinema screenings come the summer, but we're sticklers for their cold snap of a skate. Returning once more with their Skate at Somerset House series, not only is the rink surrounded by festive trees and joined by the illumination of the building itself, there's plenty of room to mull over new moves, hold hands and tepidly race around the rink.

somerset house skating london

Nailing it in the ice rink department for another year? Skate at Somerset House.



A quirky venue in London with winter fun all wrapped up? Look no further than QUEENS. Not only is their year long ice rink open to the public from January through to December, they're home to a whole manner of fun events (including your chance to learn how to curl). Once you're done on the ice? Don't miss their bowling alleys, arcade zone and pool tables. Book your skate here.


Queens has an ice rink that stays open all year long.

Alexandra Palace Ice Rink


Iconic ice skating in London? You'll find it at Ally Pally. Open for skaters this 2022 with social distancing and reduced visitor numbers in place (safety first, y'all), you'll still be able to get your on-ice kicks at this notorious Grade II listed venue as they open to the skate-hungry from September to the end of October.

alexandra ice rink indoor ice skating london

Get ready to ice skate in a gorgeous Grade II listed space.

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