We Tried The Ultimate Halloween Foodie Experience at Bread Street Kitchen

Last updated . By Faith Strickland.

Bread Street Kitchen Halloween Dining Experience

Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen has created a special five-course menu for Hallloween.

It's not all tacky orange plastic pumpkins and Poundland sweets this Halloween, as Gordon Ramsay's restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen proves. The City spot has undergone a gothic makeover, from ceiling-suspended branches through to centrepieces of animal skulls and battered books. It's not just the decor that's on the dark side; for five days, the restaurant is serving a devilish five-course menu which can be paired with a choice of three limited-edition cocktails.

The feast begins with pig's head croquettes, a divine mix of crispy batter and flaky pork in sauce gribiche, before moving onto roasted Orkney scallops, served on a spoonful of jet-black squid ink risotto. Aside from being plate-licking-ly good, the menu is stage-worthy with each dish a piece of theatre; the main course of slow-cooked veal shin, comes with artistic splats of black garlic sauce, while a gin and tonic sorbet, served in a tiny pumpkin, billows with smoke-like steam. If you're not ready to sell your soul yet, the chocolate fondant with tart cherry sauce will convince you to dance with the devil as soft sponge bleeds with thick, rich chocolate sauce. Cocktails are equally as sinful, What's Your Poison winning us over with a goblet of spiced apple juice, lemon juice and a miniature bottle of Grey Goose to pour in.

The Halloween Dining Experience is taking place at both Bread Street Kitchen and Heddon Street Kitchen until 31st October; tickets start from £37.