We had bottomless brunch, 36 floors above ground level

Last updated . By Katie Houghton.

darwin bottomless brunch review london

Sneak a peek at everything from the Shard to St Paul's Cathedral with a bloody mary in hand. 

I can't figure out if i'm scared of heights; while i've stuck my head out of a narrow window up the Burj Khalifa, I've also cried (quite a lot) on a ferris wheel. I do know of one sky-high spot that i'm not scared of however, and it's Sky Garden. Looming 36 floors over the city's business district with palms and crane flowers for days, it also harbours a brasserie where guests can enjoy bottomless brunch with quite the view.

With the phrase 'bottomless' at its helm, the brunch at Darwin fits perfectly into London's midday scene, but this is more buffet than just bubbles. Invited to the main bar for unlimited starters (and desserts, of which we'd find out too), we were able to stroll around, piling plates with the likes of roasted vegetables, quinoa with chicory, feta with sun-dried tomatoes and fresh rosemary bread, Sure, the word buffet induces a cringe in many, but this was all very deluxe in its delegation; somewhat unassertive, but enough to fill before what would be a hunking main. 

Mains are resumed via normal table service, and I go for the fresh herb gnocchi with grilled artichokes & sun-blushed tomato. I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much, as gnocchi is often a hard dish to nail, but Darwin did the little potato dumplings proud. Not only was the artichoke a welcome texture and the sauce not too overbearing, I was above all enjoying the fact that I was having pasta for brunch, not just eggs.

When it comes to a brunch bevvie, I am not the type to gush at the idea of bottomless bloody marys, it's just not a drink for me, but Darwin Brasserie do have a suitably souped up cocktail menu for those that don't think tomato juice is a real drink. Opting for a lemon meringue inspired cocktail, Darwin excelled. Cracking through a layer of toasted meringue that peaked on top of a bold vodka blend, this wasn't a faint drink, but it sure is fun.


With a friend that felt spoilt and a dining spot that could live happily in the dictionary next to the word 'schmancy', the weekend brunch at Darwin Brasserie may come a rough £10 above the rest in London, but it's leading the charge when it comes to a memorable experience, and I think it's a bloody treat come rain or shine.

Weekend Brunch at Darwin Brasserie comes in at £44.50 per person (£19.50 for children) and includes fast-track entry into Sky Garden itself.