quirky pop up event in london meredith collective

Meredith Collective follow their avo-pop-up with detergent drinks and unrestrained imagination.

From the pop-up brains behind London's only avocado supper club (guys, it's a good fat), Keeping Up With The Joneses has to be one of the most unrivaled and imaginative drinking and dining experiences in the city yet. Sure, dishwasher tablets and launderettes may sound mundae to you, and that's likely because they are, but Meredith Collective just can't help themselves but turn a theme on its absolute head.

Taking to the city this July, Keeping Up With the Joneses is set to be 7 floors of unadulterated mischief. Making the kitchen theme crazed, Mrs Jones is keeping guests suprised at every turn as not only will there be a pillow fight room, Whirlpool washing machines converted into cocktail makers, a disco launderette and a giant dishwasher room, the food and drinks selection is equally off-kilter with gin and tonic marshmallows, detergent bottle cocktails and dishwasher macaroons, all set across 3 different ticket types. How's that for doing the chores?

Keeping Up With The Joneses by Meredith Collective heads to London this July, with tickets ranging between £17.50 to £52.50. Buy your ticket here for one of the most unique pop-up experiences in London this summer.