Let's Get Quizzical: Virtual Pub Quizzes and Bingo Games Worth Logging Onto

Published . By Georgia Evans.

One thing we all need right now? The pub. Since lockdown started, we’ve been deprived of freshly-poured pints, sharing platters and the welcoming buzz of a favourite local. Of course, these establishments house quintessential nights out... the beloved pub quiz and bingo night. If you feel you’ve been robbed of the chance to put all your hours of watching Pointless to good use (same tbh) or just miss being able to crack out the dabbers, fret no more. These heroes have gone digital. So set up your Zoom, log into Instagram and enter into those Facebook chats, we’re about to get quizzical.

BrewDog Online Bar

Championing the idea that staying in is the new going out, BrewDog have only gone and launched an entire online bar. This comes complete with live music, interactive beer tasting workshops and home brew Q&As. To sweeten the deal? That oh-so important quiz, taking place over Zoom, which brings the whole essence of a pub right to your living room.

Brewdog Online Bar | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Log into Brewdog's online bar for quizzes, games and workshops.

Fourpure Brewing Co

Fourpure Brewing Co’s ever-popular pub quiz is now online. Kicking off every Wednesday on the bar’s Instagram stories, it’ll give participants 24 hours to answer questions and be in with a shot of winning a 12-pack of craft brews. While it may give you the chance to look away and check the answers online, be a good sport and do not cheat (they’ll know if you have).

Fourpure | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Crack open a tinny and settle in for Fourpure's pub quiz.

The Pembury Tavern

The guys from The Pembury Tavern are recording their virtual pub quizzes from home and will be posting five rounds of questions to their Instagram stories every Monday at 7pm. You’ll then have a 24-hour window to answer them all and be in with a chance of winning. The prizes? Two bar tabs for £10 or £20, redeemable post-lockdown.

Pembury Tavern | Virtual Quiz Quarantine | DesignMyNight

The Pembury Tavern are still running their weekly pub quiz, it's just online.

The Quiz Team 

The Quiz Team are bringing their love of pub quizzes into the digital age with live online versions available every week. Simply assemble an online squad, pay £1 each and you’ll be invited to the very exclusive Facebook group. Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to take part in their regular quizzes, but remember it’s all for fun (so no prizes).

Quiz Team | Virtual Quiz Quarantine | DesignMyNight

The Quiz Team are keeping you occupied with their love of quizzing.

Big Drop Brewing Co

Another one that’s just for fun is the Big Drop Brewing Co’s weekly pub quiz. Taking place from the comfort of your living room once a week via YouTube live, Big Drop's Living Room Pub Quiz will pit you up against friends, family members, housemates, parents... even the pets if you fancy it, all in an effort to win the title of quiz masters.

Big Drop | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Take part in Big Drop's pub quiz with members of your home and a few craft brews.

Musical Bingo Cribs

Hop onto Zoom and turn your crib into the club as you get jiggy with Musical Bingo Cribs from the comfort of your home. Experience the great British game like never before, with two rounds of bingo, quirky games and thrilling challenges. If you need an excuse to pop on the disco lights, get dressed up and have a few drinks, this is the online event for you.

Musical Bingo | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Join Musical Bingo from your crib and you'll experience a music-fulled extravaganza.

Camden Town Brewery

London brewers Camden Town Brewery are setting up an online pub, complete with workshops, games and plenty of beer-sipping. Join them every Thursday for the chance to flaunt your general knowledge and win some beer as funnyman Josh Weller hosts their pub quiz, you can even learn the guitar and chat online with their agony aunt afterwards.

Camden Brewery | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Camden Brewery are going digital with quizzes, lessons and agony aunts.

Fuller’s Pubs

This pub group has very correctly identified, “the healing properties of mindless trivia must be embraced,” and have set up The Ultimate Stay Inn. Hosted from their Facebook group on Wednesday nights, The Cabbage Patch’s manager will host five rounds of questions, from general knowledge to movies, with prizes for the best team names.

Fullers | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Fuller's Pubs have launched the Ultimate Night Inn, clever eh?

Bongo's Bingo Live From the Bungalow

Join the absolutely bonkers Bongo’s Bingo’s crew for a quarantine edition of bingo on their Twitch channel. Expect a brilliantly quirky take on the great British pastime, complete with thrilling challenges, big tunes and crazy characters. All you need to bring is a pen and paper, a few bevs and a small donation for the NHS, and you’re set to get a little crazy.

Bongos Bingo | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

This bonkers bingo game will get you giggling while in lockdown.

Sounds Familiar Music Quiz 

We all know ya'll may be feeling a bit freaked out by not being able to go outside, but luckily one of the nation's most beloved music quizzes is here to help as Sounds Familiar are back with a quarantine-inspired quiz for just a fiver. Wash your hands, grab a drink, warn the neighbours and crank up the choons to the max (just make sure to keep an eye out for tickets as these will go quickly). 

Sounds Familiar | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Recreate the hedonism of a Sounds Familiar quiz from home.

Quingo Voyage 

Join the Dabber's gang for a celebration of all things socially distant. Quingo Voyage is an all-new game that will be hosted by the metropolitan master Charlie Partridge, who'll give you quizzical conundrums with numbered answers to dab off as you go along. Expect a fun event that's jam-packed with all the energy of a typical Dabbers show, just all taking part from your home.

Dabbers Bingo | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Get your dabbers out for Quingo Voyage.  

The Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense

Describing itself as 'Cards Against Humanity meets Cranium meets Shooting Stars' the Big Quiz of Utter Nonsense is an online team game that's sure to add some drama to your isolation evenings. Simply assemble your squad, log in and be treated to 90 minutes of quiz madness, oh and make sure your camera is working because you'll need to get imaginative with your answers.

Buck Buck | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Things are sure to get a little weird at this virtual quiz. 


No matter how stable your relationship with your partner, housemates or parents may be, sometimes you just need to quarrel it out... that's where Quarreltine comes in. Giving you the chance to unleash some isolation rage, this quirky game show-inspired quiz will help you to work out those nagging issues (like who didn't do the dishes), with Mr Quint Fontana hosting. 

Quarreltine | Online Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight Looking to address your partners annoying quarantine habits? Here's your chance.  


Last Home Standing

Last Home Standing is claiming to be the hottest, fast-paced, fun-fuelled, raucous and action packed quiz going. Fancy a slice of the action? Join them on the 29th April and you'll take part in true or false questions, some crazy stage challenges and eventually one big epic showdown. If any of their past events are to go by, expect a messy night of wacky tasks and plenty of laughs along the way.

Last Man Standing | Online Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Got the guts to take on Last Home Standing? 

Brew Co Bingo! 

Join The Four Thieves for their first-ever virtual bingo game night, with 100% of your entry money going to The National Emergencies Trust. Brew Co Bingo will be a Saturday night party with a quirky twist as it'll be hosted by the fabulous Boogaloo Stu, who'll be welcoming special guests, playing a whole load games, setting a few tasks and bringing you the great game of bingo right to your living room. This is set to be a fun night in indeed. 

Four Thieves Bingo | Online Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Get your bingo fix with the folks from The Four Thieves. 

Big Ol' Disney Princess Digital Quiz

Know your Aurora from your Ariel, and your Mulan from your Moana? This digital quiz is putting your Disney princess knowledge to the ultimate test. Offering to spread a little bit of stardust on your Sunday night plans, this free to play game will take you on a nostalgia-fuelled journey through some of the world's best-loved animated films.

Disney Quiz

Brush up on your fave childhood classics with this magical quiz.

Spectacular Pub Quizzes

Taking on everything from the worlds of Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings and Marvel to some of the best TV shows around, Spectacular Pub Quizzes are challenging you during lockdown. Going online with themed quizzes spanning all sorts of iconic media, this is one for your diary. We're talking Friends, Game of Thrones and beyond.

Spectacular Pub Quiz

Calling all Potterheads; this one's for you.

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