Let's Get Quizzical: Virtual Pub Quizzes and Bingo Games Worth Logging Onto

Published . By Georgia Evans.

One thing we all need? The pub. Since lockdown started, we were deprived of freshly-poured pints and the welcoming buzz of a favourite local along with the beloved pub quiz and bingo nights. If you feel you’ve been robbed of the chance to put your hours of watching Pointless to good use (same tbh) or just miss being able to crack out the dabbers, fret no more. Some of these heroes have gone digital. Set up your Zoom, log into Instagram and enter into those Facebook chats, we’re about to get quizzical.

Sounds Familiar Music Quiz 

We all know ya'll may be feeling a bit freaked out by not being able to go outside, but luckily one of the nation's most beloved music quizzes is here to help as Sounds Familiar are back with a quarantine-inspired quiz for just a fiver. Wash your hands, grab a drink, warn the neighbours and crank up the choons to the max (just make sure to keep an eye out for tickets as these will go quickly). 

Sounds Familiar | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

Recreate the hedonism of a Sounds Familiar quiz from home. 

Social Isolation 

Trade in yet another night of Netflix for a fun evening of at-home singalong bingo or musical quizzing with Social Isolation. The lockdown party maestros are providing you with a number of fun and lighthearted events that'll have you dabbing and dancing around your sitting room. Whether you fancy learning how to belt out some ballads from a professional singer or putting your trivia to the test, this is the place to do it.Social Isolation

Let loose with one of Social Isolation's events. 

BucketRace The Fat Big Quiz of... Everything

BucketRace has gone has digital, producing a set of competitive games that can be played at home with your nearest and dearest. This online quiz goes live via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook and takes players through 10 interactive rounds (of history, music, film and more) using video, audio, special guests, graphics, news presenters and live trigger, with extra points for the best team names. 

BucketRace | The Best Online Quizzes | DesignMyNight

This online quiz will cover all kinds of trivial knowledge.

The Quiz Team 

The Quiz Team are bringing their love of pub quizzes into the digital age with live online versions available every week. Simply assemble an online squad, pay £1 each and you’ll be invited to the very exclusive Facebook group. Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to take part in their regular quizzes, but remember it’s all for fun (so no prizes).

Quiz Team | Virtual Quiz Quarantine | DesignMyNight

The Quiz Team are keeping you occupied with their love of quizzing.

Bongo's Bingo Live From the Bungalow

Join the absolutely bonkers Bongo’s Bingo’s crew for a quarantine edition of bingo on their Twitch channel. Expect a brilliantly quirky take on the great British pastime, complete with thrilling challenges, big tunes and crazy characters. All you need to bring is a pen and paper, a few bevs and a small donation for the NHS, and you’re set to get a little crazy.

Bongos Bingo | Virtual Quizzes Quarantine | DesignMyNight

This bonkers bingo game will get you giggling while in lockdown.

Musical Bingo Cribs

You may remember these folks from the first round of virtual events they hosted in April, you may have even experienced one of their raucous nights IRL, but one thing's for sure... Musical Bingo Cribs are back, baby. Gather your housemates and play the game like never before, with hilarious hosts, exciting prizes and banging tunes throughout the virtual bingo-meets-disco experience. 

Musical Bingo Cribs | Virtual Bingo For Lockdown Fun | DesignMyNight

Expect the unexpected at this quirky online bingo event. 

The Big Virtual Pub Quiz

Not quite ready to let go of the online pub quiz tradition quite yet? Check out The Big Virtual Pub Quiz which combines trivia with mini games, scavenger hunts, memory tests and rounds of DJ bingo for the ultimate night in. If you think you've got what it takes, assemble your bubble and prepare for a livestreamed gameshow-themed experience unlike any other. 

The Big Virtual Pub Quiz | Virtual Quiz Nights For Lockdown Fun | DesignMyNight

Get ready for a night of gameshow-style antics at this quirky online quiz. 

Spectacular Pub Quizzes

Promising trivial pursuits (but not as you would expect) Spectacular Pub Quizzes will immerse you in your favourite fictional world, from Friends to Harry Potter, Gavin and Stacey to Disney. Log on for an evening of fun, where the smallest details of your chosen fandom will be put to the test, all in an effort to find out who should be crowned the winner.

Spectacular Pub Quizzes | Themed Quiz Lockdown | DesignMyNight

Get dressed up as your favourite fictional character and log on to these themed quizzes. 

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