Are These London's Most Convincing Vegan Nuggets?

vegan burgers in london

THIS vegan nuggets tease a more than believable texture.

I miss a lot of things (my natural hair colour, 15p Freddos, a glass of wine if I don't have it in my hand by around 5), but one thing i've never missed (as a vegetarian), are nuggets. I haven't had to. With the UK's vegan scene soaring, options come at you from every corner, but just because I haven't missed them, doesn't mean i'm not looking for the best of them.

Cue the new vegan menu items at Patty & Bun.

Patty & Bun have now been joined by meat-alternative company THIS to bump up their burgers and sides with a neat and petite selection of plant-based top-ups, and I rolled over at the chance to see what they had newly in store.

Excited to bow down to a burger, we chose their new special, a vegan Pamela (protein filled plant-patty), topped with chopped gherkins and spicy mayo in a glittering bun, polished off with that all important THIS bacon. While the bacon was slightly overdone (I don't doubt it's a hard texture to understand at first), it was just the right level of smokey, adding a strong flavour profile alongside the persuasive (not too dissimilar to Moving Mountains) patty.

How about those nuggets? Texture comes to mind first. When the meat-free hunt down their nuggets, it's all about form and structure, which THIS nailed. Crispy, but not heavy, juicy, without leaving a mess of mush behind, I think it's safe to say that these are some of the most convincing i've ever had. 

The new vegan menu expansion can be found at various Patty & Bun sites across London. Our visit took us to their Borough site, SE1 9SE.