Kick off your birthday with the ultimate, drinkable birthday cake

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Lucky Voice Ultimate Birthday Cake Cocktail

Sugar, booze and everything nice.

As an adult, birthdays are mostly about drinking so much booze that the thought of your next age milestone is washed away in the sea of warming tequila and punishing Sambuca. Remember when it was different? When you ate so much sugar that your tiny eyes could see the space between atoms? What if you could combine best of both these birthday worlds?

That’s where the Ultimate Birthday Cake comes in.

This sugar-coma-inducing mixed drink comes from the private karaoke party people Lucky Voice, where they have mixed the sweetest things they could find and chucked an adult-friendly amount of booze in there. Expect vodka and amaretto – the soft fudge of the alcohol world – shaken up with vanilla syrup, half cream, half milk, then poured over ice. That’s not all: it’s topped with seven varieties of Hundreds and Thousands, chocolate and strawberry cake pops, giant white chocolate buttons, and whipped cream. You want more? There’s more. On top of that is a specially made vodka-infused vanilla cupcake with strawberry icing. And finally completing it is a birthday candle, sitting proudly at the very top. Now armed with weapons-grade amounts of booze and sugar, you can make all your friends watch you sing your way through the 9000 songs on their playlist. I recommend Sean Kingston – Fire Burning On the Dance Floor.

The Ultimate Birthday Cake costs £12 and is available at their Soho, Islington, Brighton and other venues across the UK upon request.