dalston beer day in london 2016

Dalston gets its first ever beer day courtesy of the hop heathens behind 40FT Brewery.

Burger day, bacon day, wash your hair day, hoover the cat day, onion sandwich day, deer day, tug an ear day. Nope, London, it's time for Dalston's first official 'Beer Day'. While you as a city have had more than your fill of themed, calendar shenanigans, it's time for the humble beer in East London to have its time to shine.

Hosted by 40FT Brewery, the independent name behind all things beer in a shipping containter, this cool and quaint name have invited the likes of Wild Card, Beavertown and Hammerton to their steel-y plot this July 30th for a fun-filled party celebrating the art of craft brewing in East London. No tickets needed, just come with cash and tuck into craft.

Dalston Beer Day can be found at Bootyard, Abbott St this Saturday July 30th from midday to 9pm.