junkyard golf pop up london

Knock a few balls around at this pop-up wasteland in London.

While i've always thought junkyards to be the place for incognito criminal capers, or sweet, ill-favoured finds (i've got a Hawaiian Barbie doll that sings, to prove it), there's a new pop-up event in London that's shining light on the junk in its trunk. 

Already a Manchester staple, Junkyard Golf Club will be coming a cropper on the streets of London this May to give golf junkies an alternative taste of life by the tee. From unique ramps to holes, all sourced from throwaway materials, this unique pop-up not only promises three bars and cocktails alongside a roster of street food from the likes of Barts Dog Kart and Big Grillie Style, there's three 9-hole courses to choose from. I've been to plenty of golf courses in my time, blame my need for speed and a thirst for adrenaline, but this is set to be one of unique courses set to land in the city, so keep an eye, and a putter on the ball. 

Junkyard Golf Club will be opening its doors this May in London.