italian food market in london 2016

Say the phrase Mercato Metropolitano five times in a row.

Originally born in Milan, a new market is headed to the city this summer as Mercato Metropolitano wraps its loving Italian arms around the Borough Triangle. 

Headed to disused paper factory and hoping to reimburse the space with recycled goods and a simple layout, this new Italian market is set to be massive, toting a space that adds up to the size of a football space with Italian action taking place via both indoor and outdoor areas. Not only will the fare be strictly artisan, with one of the best pizza creators headed over from Naples, the whole space will also boast a bakery, a fishmongers, a roster of street food stalls, a barber shop and a boxing gym.

Not impressed with that hybrid? There's also talks currently in place for a cinema and pop-up hotel

Looking to visit this new market in London? Mercato Metropolitano will be launching at the end of June in the heart of the Borough Triangle.