This Campaign Plans To Transform London Into A Giant Citywide Outdoor Cafe

The UK's Grand Outdoor Summer Cafe

Areas like this one would be transformed into bustling eating spots for drinkers and diners.

An alfresco aperitivo at our favourite whilst supporting the industry? Count us in.

The UK’s Grand Outdoor Summer Cafe is a new campaign, led by The Piano Works founder Alan Lorrimer, that aims to breathe life back into the British hospitality sector. Laid out in an open letter to MP Alok Sharma, the initiative would follow in Europe’s footsteps and see restaurants, bars, pubs, live music venues and cafes making the most of open spaces outside their sites to serve food and drink. But that's not all. Strolling musicians would also be allowed to perform and regain some of their lost revenue. 

Whilst plans are currently in place for venues to reopen in July, they don't take into account that many businesses would struggle to survive with reduced seating. The proposed measures would provide a larger capacity for customers, whilst sticking to the two-metre social distancing guidelines. They're also aiming to fundraise £70,000 worth of vouchers to be used by frontline workers.

Along with support from restaurants such as Kiln, Smoking Goat, The Breakfast Club, Revolution and Rosa’s Thai Cafe, it's also been gaining traction in government, with Housing and Local Government Minister Robert Jenkrick now considering a ‘blanket’ permission for sites to use pedestrian streets. Which means we're one step closer to that cafe culture life we've been dreaming of...

For more information on #UKGrandOutdoorCafe and to donate to our frontline heroes, click here. The Piano Works are also fundraising for a charity single in support of the NHS, compiled by 32 talented musicians, donate here