The Walking Dead #TerminusTavern Human Burger Pop-up

Ever fancied a nibble? These guys certainly have ... and they're not shy about savouring the flavour.

Fiending for some flesh? Or at least the closest thing possible? The one and only extremist art-cum-food duo MessHead reveal their most grotesquely curious PR stunt yet – the 'Human Burger'. Promoting the launch of The Walking Dead Season 5, MessHead pose the candid question of cannibalism. To eat or be eaten? To burger or not to burger? This flesh-tastically shocking concept pays homage to a social preoccupation we all know too well - the apocalyptic end game of survival. Better stock up on those tinned goods if you want to remain humanitarian, London may be getting a taste-tooth for a hunk of homosapien.

"It melted in my mouth like raw tuna in a sushi restaurant" 

Using testimonials describing the flavour and texture of human flesh, Chef James Tomlinson curated a meaty mix of veal, beef and pork to create a genuine human taste-twin substitute. Whilst it's very unsettling that the research carried out into this peculiar pop-up is dripping with blood-stained truths, there's still something bizarrely (and shamefully) interesting about this from the point of view of a self-confessed burger fanatic.

For those of us who don't want to go the whole hog (or human!) and join the cannibal clan, you can still satiate your curiosity with this pop-up. Head down for a free hand out of 'Human Burger' tasters on 30th September at a soon to be disclosed location in East London and see whether you're partial to the human patty or you're happy to draw the line at cow.  

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