Bombay Sapphire will be collaborating with The Gin Garden at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch to transform the hotel's courtyard into The Gin Garden's Bombay Sapphire Botanical Experience. Popping up for one week only from Friday 24 May until Friday 31 May, there will be daily Gin Botanical Perfume sessions with Perfumist Sarah McCartney (£35 per person) and Ultimate G&T masterclasses with Bombay Sapphire chief mixologist Sam Carter (£25 per person), explaining all you need to know about gin and botanicals. Guests will also get the chance to make their own Bombay Sapphire Infused Gin & Tonic from the Ultimate G&T Cabinet.

The gin garden's bombay sapphire pop upThe Gin Garden's Bombay Sapphire Botanical Experience at The Hoxton Hotel.

Bombay Sapphire will also be hosting Ultimate G&T Workshops in The Kitchen at The Hoxton Hotel in June (Tuesday 11 June, Tuesday 18 June and Tuesday 25 June). The Gin Garden's Bombay Sapphire Botanical Experience will take guests on an inspiring voyage of enlightenment – learning about the intricacies and complexities of gin and give them the opportunity to touch, smell and taste the distinctive botanical ingredients that have been vapour-infused to create the unparalleled taste of Bombay Sapphire. 


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The Ultimate G&T Studio Masterclass Saturday 25th - Friday 31 May

Bombay Sapphire's expert mixologist Sam Carter will teach the origins of gin and history behind the much-loved Gin and Tonic. Following this, guests will create their very own personalised G&T by infusing the classic drink with imaginative ingredients from the specially created ‘Bombay Sapphire Ultimate G&T Cabinet’.

Gin Botanical Perfume Sessions Saturday 25 May - Sunday 26 May

Hosted by British perfumer Sarah McCartney, guests will be able to customise their perfumes by blending a range of fragrance materials also found in the botanicals used to make gin.

Ultimate G&T Infusion Menu Friday 24 May–Friday 31 May

Guests can reserve tables and enjoy three G&T cocktails from the ten imaginative infused G&T cocktail menu with a selection of botanical inspired canapes.