dead rabbit big easy pop up in london

The world's most notorious rabbit takes on London's most notorious crab clan this summer. 

The Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog just so happens to be known as the 2nd best bar in the world, but there's one hearty crabshack in London that's come out as willing to give them a run for their cocktail money. 

A fun and truly boozed crossover taking place at Big Easy Canary Wharf for four whole weeks, the 'Rumble in the Tumbler' will see Dead Rabbit and Big Easy go head to head, hedging their boozy bets on 13 stunning cocktails between them. Cocktails are set to only come in at £9 each, which ain't so bad for some of the most notorious bevvies in the world.

The Dead Rabbit x Big Easy Pop-Up 'Rumble in the Tumbler' will be taking place until July 13th 2016 at Big Easy Canary Wharf.