Street Feast Hawker House

This indoor pop-up brings the eats, beats and boozin' treats to Haggerston for a 10 week session.

Christmas may be long gone with that red coated jolly old chap in tow, but that don't mean it ain't still burrrr-eezing out here. Gone are the days of frozen fingers and chattering teeth trying to feed yourself the delicious abundance of street food treats. The gloves can come off and stay off at this new foodie frenzy. All hail The Hawker House indoor market that has shacked up an old office building in Haggerston to cook up a real feast  without a chilly red nose in sight. 

The overview of this almighty market: 3 floors, a rotating selection of street food traders, DJs every Friday and Saturday nights and over 5 bars. Just to whet your appetites a bit more and get those winter fires fully stoked for this eating escapade, you can expect meats and Asian inspired goodies from B.O.B's Lobster, Busan BBQ, Smokestak, Baba G, Hanoi Kitchen and Yum Bun. 

Radical boozin' can be done at the Whisky Roulette bar - spin the wheel and try your luck at bagging one of 36 measures of the fiery stuff. If that doesn't suit there's craft beer to be drunk, wine to be supped and the whole top floor dedicated to the Milk & Honey Mercury Lounge and Cocktail Bar with foods from Breddos Kitchen available too. Corr blimey that's a lot to digest under one roof. Challenge accepted.  

This grand eating and drinking escapade opens Friday 30th for 10 weeks from 5pm until Midnight.