Ever wondered what it’s like to navigate your way to the bar at the Mos Eisley Cantina, with Storm Troopers, Jawas and all kinds of other intergalactic creatures for company? As luck would have it, there’s a brand new, super-elusive nightclub for London’s Star Wars fanatics to discover, and it’s naturally one of the most mysterious and enthralling nightspots going.

Unearth a fabled galaxy of secret DJ sets, live bands and Star Wars characters at this clandestine new nightclub.

The team at Secret Cinema are the architects. With their hotly anticipated immersive production of The Empire Strikes Back now just a few weeks away, they’ve added a further string to their bow with this interactive clubbing venture tucked away in the heart of East London.

When we mentioned ‘super-elusive’ we really weren’t lying; guests will have to call a mobile number then use a secret code to gain access to this hidden gem. Once inside, there’s a wonderful blend of secret DJ sets, bands and actors who stay in character to help curate an immersive night out typical of the Secret Cinema brand.

Secret Cinema’s secret nightclub runs for six months between Thursdays and Sundays. Their Empire Strikes Back event will run from the 4th June to the end of September.