A second ‘Pound Pub’ has opened in Greater Manchester, and with that the subject of cheap alcohol comes storming to the forefront of national debate once again. Some say only taxes and death are certain in life but we’d argue the case that actually, a raging debate on the correlation between budget booze and anti-social behaviour is a pretty safe bet too.

Atherton's latest drinking den has been greeted with a mixed reception.

This latest opening in Atherton, Greater Manchester, serves up £1.50 pints and £1 pints in straight-forward fashion, with no place for lavish entertainment or Sky Sports on the TV. Critics have wasted no time in arguing that the pub strikes a damaging blow to both local pubs and the town’s collective liver. But others have claimed that – in a climate where scores of pubs up and down the country continue to fight tooth and nail just to keep their head above water – the cheaper-than-chips prices and subsequent boom in sales should be welcomed.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that this latest venture looks set to add fuel to the fire of an already notoriously divisive subject. With another outpost already in existence in Stockton-On-Tees there’s no reason to suggest the brand will stop at two, but we can safely say we’re not expecting the third Pound Pub to be announced in London any time soon.