Santa Scavenger Hunt is a competitively festive way to spend your afternoon

Last updated . By Tom Capon.

Jumping and photographs are mandatory.

We're always looking for crazy ways to spend our time in London, so when we heard about the Santa Scavenger Hunt, we knew it was time to jump in.

Held by The Big Smoke Events to celebrate their 50th ever Scavenger Hunt, we were tasked with hunting down a series of items, take photos in compromising positions and answer some tough (and normally drink-based) questions. After being greeted with a free drink at Scarlet's Bar in Leicester Square, we were sent on our way with other eager teams all decked out in Santa costumes and dived into the 30 Christmas based challenges.

The creative challenges involved everything from having to send through the most creative picture with the caption 'I can't believe we all fit in here' (awkward in public factor: 5) or dramatically recreating Frosty The Snowman melting in front of you in the middle of a busy street (awkward in public factor: 9).

But when faced with a competition, people's creativity really shines, which meant we got some top quality efforts at the end-of-the-day award ceremony. Seriously, the weirder the better with these challenges, and if awkward members of the public are dragged into it, that just increases the fun-but-awkward factor. However, it's events like these that allow your individual talents shine through and we can safely say our team was, by far, the best at the drinking challenges.

As long as you arrived enthusiastic, ready to win or just willing to have a good time, the Santa Scavenger Hunt guaranteed a day to remember. We can't wait to see what else these have to offer.