Safari Supper Club - Running Legendary Supper Parties for Single Londoners

By Luke Sillett.

South West London, Saturday 16th February 2013

Safari Supper Club is the brainchild of two friends who wanted to combine hanging out with your mates, drinking, dining, dancing and dating without the stigma of your standard online or speed dating activities. The general idea is that three groups of four guys prepare and host a simple three course supper for three groups of four girls. The girls rotate around the different houses getting a chance to sample both the food, and the boys on each visit. When the food has been eaten, it's off to the legendary and exclusive pop up SSC after party to finish up the evening.

Safari Supper Club

The rules are simple: The boys prepare the food, and the girls provide the booze. The rest of the boring stuff (itinerary, cabs and after party) is organised by those friendly folk at Safari Supper Club.

Safari Supper Club

On Saturday 16th February over 100 single Londoners will be loosening their ties and slipping on their stilettos when SSC put on one of their infamous grand-scale safaris. Multiple and simultaneous safaris will traverse South West London on the same night, which means there’ll be more singles than ever before swapping houses, conversation and (maybe) digits, too! There’ll be 12 lucky groups of guys creating social hotspots in their homes for 12 groups of excited young ladies, before all groups converge simultaneously on and exclusively hired club. The location of the after party as usual is a secret and will only be disclosed to safari goers. As ever though you can be sure that the girl:boy ratio will be 50:50, everyone will be single and you'll be with your doubt that's why over 700 people took part in their safaris last year.

If you're a guy looking to wow some new ladies this Valentine's Day; the Safari Supper Club is for you! Girl groups sold out.